Unifin, Inc. is a full service BPO and Accounts Receivable Management firm licensed and bonded nationally. We work with our customers in order to find solutions that works around their capabilities, finances and current life situations. Unlike other debt collectors, Unifin cares about your story.

We are a debt collection agency that works with both consumer & client, meaning Unifin is actively working on solving problems, not creating them. At Unifin, we value your feedback, so if at any point you wish to share feedback, you can contact Unifin here. If the matter is more serious, we promise you Unifin will work on solving the issues, you can submit an inquiry for a Complaint & Dispute with Unifin here.

Within our time at Unifin, we have worked on improving and growing with our consumers and are actively growing. We work with our employees and train them, as a learning experience and experts in handling finances. If you are interested apply for a job with Unifin, you can click here to apply to Unifin Careers.

Your Happiness & Comfort
is our Priority

It’s difficult to manage your money! Regardless of your age there is always more to learn. Unifin invites you to click here to access information and tools to help you make informed financial decisions and take control of your finances. There are also tools that offer defense against fraud and deception. Unifin is actively working on producing tools and literature for our customers regarding financial wealth.


Unifin is Different

We pride ourselves in being different then other debt collectors. Unifin’s objective is to work with our clients in managing and paying off their debt. No annoying harassment calls, no uncomfortable situations, and no more stressing out. At Unifin, we understand family comes first. We work with our customers and their pay schedules to help manage their debt. Unifin is actively growing in discovering the best ways to help our customers pay off their debt. Our customers may have a newly listed collection, or have had many debts fall into collection. Unifin tries to prevent you from falling into collections by building a relationship with you and your financial habits. Contact Unifin today to figure out how we can help you with you debt that has fallen into collections.


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